Photo By: Todd Diemer


(6 Person Game)

During a recent renovation project in our building, a secret room was discovered littered with old mechanical contraptions that we don't understand and a mysterious vault door. We've sent people in, but as of yet, no one's come out. We believe there is an ancient relic that is making them vanish. Can you retrieve the relic before you vanish like everyone else?

"We escaped Ex Machina which was well themed and challenging for everyone involved. This was not a game that only required one skill set and I found myself really involved in the challenges and how they fit together rather then focused on how much time we had left. Everyone had tons of fun and we were already discussing a return trip before we left the building. 10/10"

-Phaedra G.

"Really liked Ex Machina! We've played over 70 escape rooms and we really like this one!"

-Paula R.

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